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Uses for these ancient Chinese Symbols in your home, your workspace and to help transform your drinking water into Liquid Prayers.

Bagua Map

Bagua Map of your home and life

Use these symbols as inspirational art on any surface including windows, mirrors, drinking glasses or water bottles. Focus on the ideas they represent. Feng Shui energies help to realign your personal balance or the balance in your home or workspace. By focusing this energy into your drinking water or into your space, the consciousness is carried throughout the area into your being allowing the energy of your intentions to permeate and manifest direct responses. This allows greater satisfaction with life, a deeper capacity for understanding and a higher level of creativity. To determine which area to focus your intention  in your home or other space, place the Bagua Map shown above right onto the floor plan of your house, office, land, room, etc. aligning the lower edge with your main entrance. This map "stretches" to accommodate any configuration. Where you need to increase the energies in a particular part of your life, use Feng Shui cures, prayers, sacred symbols and colors to help strengthen the vibrations. When you use Feng Shui symbols on your drinking water, you are carrying the intention into the fluid which benefits not only you and your cells, but also benefits the universe at large.
The Four Blessings

The Four Blessings - an exemplary life is defined by: Virtue, Longevity, Prosperity and Good Health. Use this symbol to enhance these four attributes in all areas of your life. Place where you can be continually aware of its influence. Use anywhere where increased blessings are needed. Use in water to transform health and happiness.

Longevity - This symbol enhances the possibility for a healthy, long and fulfilling life as the universal breath of Ch'i dances effortlessly across your path. Use in your home where the long life of ideas, relationships, fortunes and business are desired. When used on drinking water, enhances personal longevity within all cells of the body.
Health Symbol
Health - True health comes from living a balanced life. Place this powerful symbol on your water and watch healing energy move you gently into balance. Use it in the center or Bagua of your home to reinforce the health of all occupants and the health of all systems in your house. Place this symbol as an added reminder in any area of your home where balance needs to be restored or maintained.
Prosperity Symbol
Prosperity - In truth, prosperity is the faith and evidence that everything needed in life will be provided. This symbol on your water creates the certainty of prosperity in your life on many levels. Used in your Wealth corner, this symbol helps to maintain a steady flow of resources and income. Used in the Bagua, is influences the prosperity of all who reside in your home.
Chi Life Force Symbol
Ch'i Life Force - Ch'i is energy that permeates and supports all physical life by harmonizing and invigorating the spirit. Place this symbol on your water for improved quality of life, physical wellbeing and mental clarity. Use it in the Fame area of your home to increase your recognition and amplify your reputation. Use in your Career area to stimulate success. Use wherever stimulation or re-juvenation is needed.
Double Happiness Symbol
Double Happiness - This talisman placed on your water, is like a magnet to attract a special person to your life or to create more bliss in current relationships. Use on mirrors or windows in the Romance corner of our home to keep romance and relationships healthy and vibrant.
Love Symbol
Love - This symbol comprises three elements: heart, breath and grace. Used on your water, the melody of love will sing from your heart and bring great blessings to all who hear it. In your Family area, this symbol strengthens family relationships.
Bagua Symbol
Bagua- This symbolic map overlays the floorplan of a home, a piece of land, a building or a room. Each section relates to an area of your life. The center represents perfect balance between all areas. Place on your water or on mirrors in the center of your home to instill harmony in all aspects of your life.
Peace Symbol
Peace - WHen there is balance between opposing forces, all become peaceful. In peace, creativity abounds, as does good health and prosperity. Apply this symbol to your water to instill peace within. Used in the Creativity & Children area, it stimulates flexibility, creativity and self-actualization.
Wisdom Symbol
Wisdom - This popwerful symbol means "speaking the truth." Place it on your water and let the flow of truth be expressed through you as wisdom and knowledge that enlightens others like the rays of the sun. Use on windows or mirrors in the Knowledge corner of your home to amplify truth for all beings in your home. Use anywhere where wisdom is needed for instance in financial matters, relationships or careers.
Water Flow of LIfe Symbol
Water Flow of Life - Eternally flowing water supports life and contributes to great abundance and good health. Place this on your water and watch the eternal wellspring of abundance show up in your life. Used in your Career corner, this symbol will stimulate career success and greater opportunity. Used in the Bagua of your space, this symbol will calm and transform all conflict.
Good Luck Coins Symbol
Good Luck Coins - Representing Heaven on Earth, this grouping of three coins affirms that money and good fortune are already yours. This symbol on your water is a reminder that good luck flows in all areas of your life. Placed on a mirror or window near your front door allows more good luck to come in.
Mystic Knot Symbol
Mystic Knot - This intricate symbol signifies endless love, endless opportunities and endless sucess in all endeavors. This never-ending weaving of good fortune reminds us of the bounty of the universe. Place this powerful symbol on your water to experience endless magic in your life or in the center of your home called the Bagua.
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